Our Mission

Our mission is to teach people how to *Make Cool Stuff* using historic techniques and to preserve the dead or dying arts for future generations.

James and Julie (Cedric and Mira) - Yeah, we're squinting. It was a bright day.

Throughout history, skills and techniques of the craftsman and guild were guarded trade secrets. Everyday life skills were passed on by word of mouth, seldom committed to the written page. In time, that knowledge can be lost. The same is equally true today. Even with all the modern ways we have of preserving and storing information, things get lost and forgotten. There’s no telling how many skills have been erased from memory over the past thousand years or so. How to History seeks to rediscover and preserve those skills and to spread them far and wide to any who wish to understand them.

If you would like to support our mission, there are lots of easy ways you can help.

1) Tell your friends about us. Spread the word far and wide through your newsletters, at meetings or in casual conversation.

2) Spread the word online. Click the *like* button at the bottom of each page; link to our pages on your blog/website; and add us to your Digg, StumbleUpon or other social bookmarking service. The more you spread our name and links around, the better.

3) Comment on the videos both on this site and on our Facebook page. (Did you know the videos on Facebook are different from the ones we post here?) We want to know what you think. The more you interact with us here and on Facebook, the more this place will become a community. And that’s our ultimate goal.

4) Most importantly, sign up for our newsletter. That’s how we keep in touch with you. We’ll let you know when new videos are added. We’ll keep you up-to-date with what’s happening on the site. And we’ll have special surprises, too. While we don’t have the resources to make How To History into a print magazine or dedicated TV channel (yet), the newsletter is the next best thing.

Thanks so much for your interest in the historic arts. Whether you’re a master craftsman or a casual hobbyist, this place is for you.

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