How to Sew a Gore

How to Sew a Gore

Whether you are working on a cotehardie, an apron dress, or just a fuller skirt; your costuming efforts may need an extra something to add that deeper dimension to the appearance and drape of the material. Adding a fabric insert known as a gore to increase and redirect the drape of the garment fabric may be just what you need.

In this video, friends Mathilde Haðebyr, Kaðlin in Stórráða, and Gersvinda Gaeslingr of provide some useful tips on how to construct a sturdy gore with no puckers. The sewing demonstration shows the gore sewn into both a seam and into a slit in the garment fabric. In the same video, a few tips on putting in a hem are also included.

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Patty April 27, 2012 at 3:47 pm

These instructions were very helpful. I just completed my very first completely 100% handsewn garment (a linen tunic for hubby, with 4 gores), and this demonstration helped me to master gore insertion with minimal pain. Thank you!

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