The Warp Weighted Loom

The Warp Weighted Loom

The warp weighted loom is a vertical loom that uses various forms of weights to create tension in the warp threads of the piece being worked.  As a weaving form, it spans a variety  of cultures and time periods and was even documented in use by the researcher Marta Hoffman in the mid 20th century in Norway.  We often associate it’s use with woolen textiles in Nordic countries but loom weights of clay or stone are relatively common archaeological finds from sites all over the world.

The accompanying video, used by permission from Jørn-Are Longfjeld ( is in the Sami language and illustrates a number of the facets of setting up and using the loom.  We haven’t been able to find anyone who speaks Sami to translate it yet but the footage has a striking resemblance to the archive footage shot by Hoffman in post World War II Norway and makes for an interesting presentation.

Click once to view the video.

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machlipatnam February 24, 2011 at 6:45 pm

oh its very strenuous and physically exhaustive stress,there is a lot of manual hard work in handloom textiles.thats why i mostly buy handlooms/hand woven/hand embroidered textiles.i have a satisfaction & most importantly comfort in using them.Please support hand loomers and handweavers by buying their products, their families depend upon them.

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