How to Sharpen Plane Irons and Chisels

How to Sharpen Plane Irons and Chisels

If you’re like us, getting a good working edge on tools is a challenge.   Maybe you’ve purchased a second plane or chisel or maybe you’ve just used your new ones to the point where they just don’t do the work they used to.  Either way, a properly sharpened tool not only saves work and effort but is often safer than a dull one.

The below video provided by Lie-Nielson ( and presented by Deneb Puchalski shows a thorough approach to bringing the secondary bevel on your tool edges back to the scary sharp stage without the use and added danger of using power grinders which can overheat and damage the blades more than they help them. In addition, the video also addresses care and dressing of sharpening stones which, like the tools they serve, must also be kept in good order.

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