How to do the Åsle Stitch

How to do the Asle Stitch

The Åsle Mitten Stitch is named for a left-handed mitten discovered in 1918 in a peat bog by Frithiof Svensson in  Åsle  parish, West Götland , Sweden.  The mitten was initially thought to be early Viking (4th century) but the date was revised in the 1990’s as a result of C-14 re-dating the find to the 16th century.  Either way, this stitch is a challenging for the novice nalbinder. In part, the popularity of this form of nalbinding was aided by the 2003 publication of “Nålbinding: The Åsle Mitten Stitch: An Instruction Manual” by Sigrid Briansdotter (Anna Marie Haymes) which provides detailed instructions for creating the mitten.  A photo of the original mitten can be seen here:  Note that there are several variants on the stitch and it continues to be a  popular challenge amongst nalbinding enthusiasts.

In this video, Petra demonstrates the stitch beginning with an Oslo stitch set-up then proceeding to the Åsle stitch.

The Hansen notation for this stitch is U (U) O/U O:U OO F1 + 1.

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