How to Do a Square 3-2 Finger Loop Braid

How to Do a 3-2 Finger Loop Square Braid

This video is a continuation of technique introduced in the earlier “How to do a Simple 3-2 Finger Loop Braid” clip. The braid illustrated builds off the 3-2 braid technique but with a revised pass which creates a square braid.

In these videos, SFHndymn ( illustrates the revised pass technique.  The first video shows a general overview of the technique, the second, a close up featuring the hand motions.   Note that a heavier single color cord is used for ease of illustrating the technique.  A number of interesting patterns can be achieved by using multiple colors of braid material. Good results can be achieved with a fingering weight yarn or string.  We recommend either pearle cotton or silk if its in your budget.

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