How to Use and Maintain Saws

How to Use and Maintain Saws

Whether it’s a two man cross cut, the rip saw you just picked up at the flea market, or your favorite dovetail saw, good technique and a nice sharp blade make the difference between exhaustion with a ragged cut and mild exertion with a good crisp cut.  How often you sharpen your saw will vary widely depending on the amount of use and the material being cut but sooner or later, you’ll need to put your tools back in order.  You’ll need a few basic tools, at a minimum a good triangular file and a saw set geared toward your blade and teeth set per inch and later perhaps a good mill file and a saw jointer.

In the following video, Tom Lie-Nielsen, founder of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks (, takes a few minutes to show proper saw technique and how to put your gear back in good working order.

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