How to Make Mozzarella

How to Make Mozzarella

We’ve been asked to post a video on how to make mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella is generally thought to date back at least to the Roman era but alas we couldn’t find any Romans. We did find some crafty Italians but figured some of you may not have picked up the language yet.

True mozzarella is made with the milk of the water buffalo; however, whole milk will suffice in a pinch. You’ll also need some rennet and a good salt. Sea salt is often mentioned. Some recipes also call for citric acid.

We’ve selected two videos. The first by Billy and Anuttama gives the basic process starting with whole milk to make the curds and then proceeding on to make the cheeze. The second video features chef Rahm Fama, starting with the curds, and presenting a couple of variations on the theme. We particularly liked the step to make the individual servings towards the end. As with many recipes, there are lots of variations on the theme. For instance, some chefs say to never pour the hot water directly on the curds, or some use vegetable rennet, others beef rennet.

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