How to Make a Rabbit Purse Net

How to Make a Rabbit Purse Net

Making nets is a time honored tradition for catching both fish and game. The materials and tools are simple. All that is required is a spool of jute, two iron rings, a netting needle, a mesh stick, and something to cut the jute with. More experienced netters will even skip the mesh stick. We don’t think about it so much these days but in a time when every meal counted, net making was a necessity for survival as much as sport. In more recent times, the similar techniques are used for making a variety of items from handbags to hammocks .

In this video, Graham from Wales ( shows us how to make a net using jute to catch rabbits. If you want to know what this looks like in period context, all you need to do is go to your handy copy of The Hunting Book written by Gaston Phoebus written in the mid to late 14th century and look at the plates for catching hares with nets. There is an amazing similarity in both form and function.

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