How to Make a Braided Flemish Twist Bow String

How to Make a Braided Flemish Twist Bow String

If you have been performing your proper duties and attending weekly practices at the archery butts, it might be about time to replace that string. Traditionally European strings were made of either linen or hemp or even sinew in either a simple string form, reverse twisted form, or looped form.  The Flemish string accomplishes the reverse twisted form..

This video brought to us by Kevin at (  presents creating the Flemish string using a Dacron B50 material with a silk serving.  Although the Dacron is a modern material, it makes a good modern substitute for linen and is sometimes  required by some re-enacting societies in lieu of the natural linen string..

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Gordon Dempsey January 9, 2011 at 11:31 pm

From Alaska, USA.
Nice job on the Flemish Splice string. I enjoyed the way you did it.


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