How to Do a Simple 3-2 Finger Loop Braid

How to Do a Simple 3-2 Fingerloop Braid

Popularized in recent years by research done on the early 15th century English manuscript “Astrological treatises and treatise on lace-making, imperfect.’ also known as  British Library Manuscript Harley 2320, finger loop braiding has seen a rebirth in recent years.  This art, uses variable numbers of paired strings braided on two hands to create a variety of braid styles.  The result is typically a short braid suitable for small projects such as pouch chords, points, and drawstrings.  A variety of string materials such as pearle cotton or even woolen yarn can be used for these techniques but silk was a very popular choice in period.

In this video, SFHndymn ( illustrates some of the basics of a two / three finger loop braid. Note that he uses a heavier single color cord for ease of illustrating the technique. A number of interesting patterns can be achieved by using multiple colors of braid material.

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