How to Card Wool for Spinning

How to Card Wool for Spinning

Images of wool being carded go back easily as early as the Luttrell Psalter in the early 14th century. As a do-it-yourself spinner, fiber preparation is not only a basic but and essential skill. In preparing your own wool for spinning, you need to consider the product you are spinning for and the technique you’ll be using. For an airy fiber, you’ll want to prepare your fiber as “woolen” wherein the yarn fibers are organized in a open structure. This is in contrast to “worsted” in which the yarn fibers generally have a greater strength but are aligned in a denser structure. If a worsted fiber is your goal, please refer to the wool combing video.

In this video, Sue Macniven, thoroughly explains the process of carding to produce a rolag suitable for spinning into a woolen yarn. This technique is also an essential part of the preparation for using a long draw spinning technique.

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